22 08 2008

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8 07 2008

God the cultural world has indeed come to a sticky and ridiculously pathetic end in Blighty. Would you pay to go see a bunch of untalented and pretentiously z-list celebs like Kelly Osbourne, Jodie Harsh and Sophie Ellis Bextor try and fucking act??!

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BRATZ: Kelly Osbourne & Boyfriend @ Bungalow 8 (a night club) in LONDON (a city), on a WEEKDAY (a week-day..?).

26 06 2008

Now, I’m no angel but that’s OKAY. I don’t LIE or pretend to be ONE. But why go out of your way to say you’re DONE with partying and then go PARTYING….on a WEEKDAY!!?? For NO reason other then, erm, to PARTY??!!

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BRATZ: TYRONE ‘my dad’s a Rolling Stone’ WOODS.

26 06 2008

Tyrone has been on my blip-ish. I mean Ronnie Woods an his missus have soo many kids, I stupidly assumed that they were still pre-teens! Silly me! We have a new-ish BRATZ on the scene! Meet Tyrone Woods part of international fraternity that is “arist-rockracy”! YO!

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BRATZ: Introducing Miss Alice Dellal.

24 06 2008

Oh you know all about the BRATZ by now. They are spoilt London rich kids who think they are entitled and too cool for school. They range from Kelly Osbourne to Jaime Winstone. They haven’t got a clue BUT they think they have! Usually riding off the coattails of a rich or famous parent.


Everyone, meet Alice ‘i’m a heiress of £800 million-Black Jack’s granddaughter girlfriend of pretty boy Casaraghi’ Dellal.

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4 06 2008

Sigh. What fucking loozers, huh? It’s so embarrassing when they pay b-list Hollywood stars to turn up and award them with a weird and random prize! Was Glamour always this bad, didn’t it used to okay in the 90’s? Was I imagining this?

God and for the really funny and CRAZY bit, check out the list of ‘winners’. Kate Moss won, wait for it best ‘Entrepreneur’?! Gulp. Do they even know what the meaning of the word is? Are you with me on this one? Should will blow up the Glamour building with all its stuff to smithereens? Yeah?! Yeah!!
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BRATZ: FASHION SMASHION- Kelly Osbourne looks like CACK.

29 05 2008

It’s well known id you read this site or glance by it every so often that I loathe Kelly Osbourne. I think she’s a talentless, whiny, overrated little but sometimes big brat. She’s simply a waste of space but heck, the UK have never been known for being particularly savvy when it comes to actually supporting genuine talent, so were stuck with this shit head.


Kelly Osbournezzzzzzzzzz

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