4 07 2008

Who dat?

Who dat I ‘ear you cry me luvvies…!

Well peeps-Gok Wan is a anodher of those really bad Telly personalities dat have no talent that Eng-erlund, LOVES so much!

He’s openly gay!? NO SHIT!

Gok is also confident. YEP!

Oh, and you use to be fat….so WHAT?

I ain’t being cruel but Gok is a bitch, a prick and a twit.

A blagger of the new kind-yeah, the kind that know they have no discernible talents but yet, they FRONT it. And have aspirations higher then you, me and Genghis Khan! And by god, aren’t they lucky they can come to Blighty and get prime time TV jobs?!

Yep, we gave the world the mediocrity of Lily Allen, Take That, Robbie Williams, etc etc…

Oh, shucks…this is making me depressed now…

Gok Wan is SHIT.

He does a style TV program in the UK called something like ‘What can I wear’ or ‘Do I look good naked’. But why does it get to me eh me mucker? Well, it’s cause Gok used to do all the styling for music vids and the rest and he weren’t that good…

Oh bollocks, I’m gonna watch Enders now…



15 responses

4 07 2008

I think Gok is lovely.

If it wasn’t for him, women wouldn’t know how to dress or how to celebrate their curves and stuff…

He alone holds the keys that unlock a woman’s inner goddess.

29 09 2010

you go girl! ❤

10 01 2009

Yes us people in england do love Gok.. so fuck off ‘loathing’ Gok Wan .. hes a living legend!

26 01 2009
chinese sauce

gok wan is shite you daft cows

22 08 2009

Thought his name was “Gok Wan Ker” or am I wrong about that

7 01 2012

I tought it was “Cock Wang”

4 01 2010

Omg how dare you bitch about gok !!
we love him becuase hes just amazing
you vile little creature !!

i hate people who are not open minded !!

29 09 2010

Damn right girl!

7 01 2012

Being open minded and objective… Gok Wan is annoying and just makes ugly fat women with bad makeup and clothes look like…

Ugly fat women with good makeup and clothes!

8 02 2010

You are a racist twat, and his Mum’s English, white, (shouldn’t make a difference but to a dick like probably does!)

29 07 2010

Gok wan is appalling,

he has no talent, he cannot style, on his show, he makes depressed middle age woman feel good about themselves because their husbands don’t give a crap about them anymore.

im from england and know how awful he is, and don’t understand why people like him? hes shit… wow he has a tv show, fantastic… my friend even tried to argue with me, that Gok was more successful that Anna Wintour, because he has a tv show…. Gok wan, more successful than Wintour? hes crazy…

his shows are crap he tries to beat designer pieces in one show, and its called goks fashion fix, mainly as it is a fix.

hes an embarrassment.

and to the first comment? look at what the designers are showcasing at the 4 main fashion weeks, then youll realise who makes woman reveal their inner goddess, and make woman appreciate their bodies. :/ NOT FUCKING GOK.

he contradicts himself so much. hes obvious, cliché and tasteless. ughh he needs to disappear.

29 09 2010

i say that YOU need to disappear, darling.
well, on second thought, maybe not just simply disappear, but to die slowly in terrible pain and i have lots of ideas on how to make that happen 🙂
we normal people can only pray that there will be no people like you.
the planet is overpopulated already, and one of the reasons for that is people like you, asshole.
i don’t understand people who don’t love gok, why is that? because he’s gay? or is famous? or has a style?
i see where all this hatred comes from- you’re jealous, honey.
you’re jealous he’s smarter than you, more popular than you, more fashionable than you and more good-looking than you.
well, good luck in you pathetic useless life.
that’s all i can say.

7 01 2012

Well, if the world is over populated we should start by getting rid of the ugly fat one, you’ll probably be one of those. Lets start with you then follow with everyone Gok “Helps” 😉

8 12 2010


17 03 2012

Gok . if hes the future then we got NO F CHANCE !

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