“FREE BARACK”-Paglia says SO!!

13 03 2009

Yes, free the president from his flacks, fixers and goons — his posse of smirky smart alecks and provincial rubes, who were shrewd enough to beat the slow, pompous Clintons in the mano-a-mano primaries but who seem like dazed lost lambs in the brave new world of federal legislation and global statesmanship. Heads should be rolling at the White House for the embarrassing series of flubs that have overshadowed President Obama’s first seven weeks in office and given the scattered, demoralized Republicans a huge boost toward regrouping and resurrection. (Michelle, please use those fabulous toned arms to butt some heads!)

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8 07 2008

Oh, I’ve heard so much about this girl-she’s still in her teens right?

Well she’s like taken over from Jameson as the number female porn star in the straight porn world BUT she’s also really down and hip with the cool media crowd you see. Vice magazine for a while have done anything and everything about her-ROCK ON! And the girl also appeared on TYRA’s show!

So what’s a biggie about another pretty girl who likes to fuck and knows how to taste cum for the camera’s? I mean Madonna’s been doing it for ages!!?

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22 06 2008

I’ve always been a distant fan of Barbara Allen. Distant because she can really wind me up with her ‘all woman are like this and feel like this’ articles. You know, the whole us versus them thing that these British female critics are OBSESSED with writing about. But I’m really into her column this Sunday, if not for her opinions on the media/social/public dehumanizing of Michelle Obama.

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19 06 2008

‘Relief workers say they are powerless to stop the attacks and say that if they do speak out, they fear that the Sudanese government will tell them to leave the country.

Humanitarian group Refugees International said in a report last year that rape was “an integral part of the pattern of violence that the government of Sudan is inflicting upon the targeted ethnic groups in Darfur.”‘
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CRY BABIES: ‘Hilary ignored cause she’s a WOMAN’

24 05 2008

“Is Hillary Clinton the victim of a Vast Misogynist Conspiracy? Have her efforts to breach the ultimate glass ceiling in the world’s labour market been destroyed – as in the end we’re told all women’s efforts inevitably are destroyed – by a lethal combination of sneering chauvinism and locker-room clubbiness?”

Like yeah RIGHT, right?

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MEDIA BITES: Germain Greer HEARTS Posh Spice xoxo

19 05 2008

“Victoria Beckham may have seemed the least talented of the Spice Girls but her real talent lay elsewhere. She is an artist in the same genre as Damien Hirst: marketing. In an era of bare bellies, painted legs, visible underwear, junk jewellery and grisly computer generated prints, she is a lone champion of elegance for working girls.”


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Spot the ‘prozzie’? Spot the prostitute?

26 04 2008

“Tehran’s former police chief Reza Zarei attempted suicide in prison yesterday, a month after being arrested for consorting with six naked women in a brothel. In the aftermath of the scandal, the Times, the Associated Press, and the BBC all reported that prostitutes are becoming more visible on Iranian streets. Given the Islamic dress code, how do Persian prostitutes signal their trade?”
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