CRY BABIES: ‘Hilary ignored cause she’s a WOMAN’

24 05 2008

“Is Hillary Clinton the victim of a Vast Misogynist Conspiracy? Have her efforts to breach the ultimate glass ceiling in the world’s labour market been destroyed – as in the end we’re told all women’s efforts inevitably are destroyed – by a lethal combination of sneering chauvinism and locker-room clubbiness?”

Like yeah RIGHT, right?

STFU Mr Times columnist! This is so fucking redundant but what the hell, we have another piece that tries to understand why people DON’T like her! F-OFF!

“To the cynics this US presidential election was always going to be a race to the bottom between racism and sexism. As the Democratic party continues to writhe through the final agonies of Senator Clinton’s collapsing ambitions, her people think they know the real winner. They are muttering angrily that she is the most high-profile victim yet of sexual discrimination in the workplace. A favourite theme among them now is that Mrs Clinton is a kind of sacrificial figure: the woman who so obviously should have won the presidency but was denied by woman-hatred, the one whose efforts were not enough to conquer the legions of male bigots but whose sacrifice has made it possible for future women to scale the mountaintop. Henceforth, as it were, all generations shall call her blessed.

Before ascribing this sentiment to a particularly powerful case of sore loser syndrome, we ought to acknowledge that it surely has a little merit. There are things that are said all the time about Mrs Clinton’s manner, her speaking style, assumptions that are made about her motivations, even the vocabulary in which she is described, that are, shall we say, certainly gender-specific. The cultural allusions played out with tired regularity to describe her campaigning style conjure the worst female images that lurk in the darkest corners of the male brain. She’s Lady Macbeth and The White Queen and Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction rolled into one.

And yet, are we truly expected to believe this is why Democratic voters have rejected her? I’ve no doubt that there are still some men who physically recoil at the thought of a woman in a powerful job but do people really think that there were not other – good – reasons for denying Senator Clinton her prize?”

Ha-Ha…’s worth a read tho, yo?


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