GOSSIP DEAL BOOK DEAL: Que Pasa con Weinstein bros?

4 07 2008

This should be good, IF and a big fat IF it ever comes out! A book about the weird and corrupt Weinstein brothers!!


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TRUE LOVE: Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban

19 05 2008

Please take a minute guys out of your gossip schedule, to look at real, true and honest love at it’s very core.
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LOATHSOME PEOPLE OF THE CENTURY: Posh, Becks, Cruise patrol & Stepford Katie

6 05 2008
    Look at us! Look at us now!!

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LOATHSOME PERSON OF THE WEEK: Reese ‘Miss Type A’ Witherspoon

5 05 2008
    JustJared Reese images!?

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GWYNETH PALTROW: ‘It worked!’ ‘It worked!’ “IRON MAN opens to $200,000,000 WORLDWIDE”

5 05 2008

I played by the rules,
Showed them some nude,
Stayed on with the mood,
Now they’ve stopped calling me rude.

    Can u see my \'cunt\'?

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The most soulful white singer in the world is being portrayed by the least soulful white woman in the world.

1 05 2008


I’ve said it once (not here!) but I DON’T like bio-pics. You take an egotistical deluded sycophantic director, their chosen subject and an actor or actress they stupidly worship = A FUCKING JOKE.

One sided, subjective and dripping with self congratulatory messages, it’s the worst idea a producer can by in. But heck we are talking about Directors & Actors here-possibly the most self indulgent and deluded people on the planet.

Nicole Kidman is allegedly playing Dusty Springfield.

KIDMAN u got soo much soul YAH!
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I TOLD you I’d be FAMOUS! I TOLD you! You see? You see! HA!! And you all said I was ugly! Who’s LAUGHING now?

30 04 2008

Probably you my love, probably you.

    Rumer Willis does it in STYLE

I was always on your side-Hollywood needs variety but keep your trap shut about shit like ‘it’s not cause of my mummy & daddy’-that’s just patronizing.
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