PROFILE: Sunday Times Rich List.

29 04 2008

Never thought they’d be a day I’d agree with Dominic Lawson but fiddle me silly-the man has point! thank god someone has highlighted the ridiculousness of this fucking LIE of a list!

Hit it Dr Williams!

“A couple of days ahead of publication of this Book of Mammon, Dr Rowan Williams was interviewed by the BBC’s John Humphrys; Dr Williams told Mr Humphrys that, “The more you have a disproportion between what people are earning and what they appear to be worth, the more we have astronomical sums with no clear rationale behind them, the less credibility the whole thing has.” The Archbishop of Canterbury added that this “disproportion” resulted in “a degree of envy and cynicism … that leads people to feel alienated from the rest of society.””
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PROFILE: Ahh, at last someone in the public eye speaks SENSE!

23 04 2008

“I’ve been invented by the media. I’m just a minstrel. I didn’t want to be a rock star, just play music. I realized that to do that, you had to be famous. It has nothing to do with wanting to be a star.”


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PROFILE: The GOD like Mark E Smith

14 04 2008
    The FALL album cover

“People were great; I was working with dockers and shipping agencies. At the time it was incredible: big ships coming in from Canada, Nigeria, Ghana, full of fruit. I enjoyed my work. It was better than being at college. Got to see all sorts of people – Yanks, Nigerians,”-Mark.E.Smith talking about his youth in Salford, poor working class City in the North of the UK, back in the 60’s..
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PROFILE: I HEART Piers Morgan…

10 04 2008

“I’ve mixed it in the business world with most of the top players – men like Trump, Rupert Murdoch, Sir Philip Green, Sir Richard Branson, and, of course, Sir Alan.

The character traits are fairly similar, even if their personalities appear very different. All of them are tough, hard, ruthless winners.

They’re all susceptible to outbreaks of vanity, opportunism, arrogance and greed.”
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PROFILE: Oh, god don’t piss off Mugabe…

10 04 2008

Mugabe with his wife
His wife must be tiiiii-ny, Mugabe is a little man!!….
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PROFILE: Mohammed Al Fayed

9 04 2008

Mohammed Al Fayed and wife Heini as they leave Westminster Abbey following Princess Diana's fune
I have to admit, I have been laughing @ Private’ s Eye reporting on the Diana Inquest-they’re funny but I’ve been thinking about this for a while. I feel really sorry for him-he has lost his son. And he may be erratic but his accusations are probably closer to the truth then we will ever know.
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PROFILE: Ahh…’s our favourite mass murderer..aint he handsome?

7 04 2008
    RUMSFELD @ Princeton, class of 54!

Donald Rumsfeld class of 1954, Princeton
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