PROFILE: Mohammed Al Fayed

9 04 2008

Mohammed Al Fayed and wife Heini as they leave Westminster Abbey following Princess Diana's fune
I have to admit, I have been laughing @ Private’ s Eye reporting on the Diana Inquest-they’re funny but I’ve been thinking about this for a while. I feel really sorry for him-he has lost his son. And he may be erratic but his accusations are probably closer to the truth then we will ever know.

Has he helped himself?

No, of course he hasn’t. He is loud, erratic, arrogant, pompous, inarticulate and a ‘bit’ of a fantasist. He’s an easy target for the tabloids and occasionally he seeks the attention-good or bad. He has become a parody of himself and this has rendered him a ‘cartoon’ like figure within the public eye; no ‘real’ feelings or persona.

If this was anyone else who’d lost their first born-would we be so harsh? So quick to refute his claims on the subject of his death? Of course not. Dodi-his son, was unfortunately an Arab who happened to have been in a relationship with Princess Diana-the peoples princess; white, blue eyed and blond Diana.

Don’t worry, I’m not shoving race into the equation-not majorly anyway.

Thing is Mohammed Al Fayed isn’t really and ‘Al’. He made that up to seem like he came from a good family. His calculated marriage to the infamous arms dealer, Adnan Khashoggi sister-sealed his fate and led him to work as financial adviser to the Sultan Of Brunei. They had a son called Dodi.

But the Jews have been buying up titles for centuries around the world and are the queens and kings of marrying into the ‘right’ families to better yourself and your status. Fayeds corruptive make up is no here nor there; and I’m sure the majority of the public don’t even know of his background.

The question is, with the media knowing what they know-and they know a lot, why are they giving him so much shit?

It’s over now-he won’t pursue this anymore.

But come on, the Royal Family are not saints. We know how they felt about Diana. I don’t care for conspiracy theories as it ain’t gonna amount to anything as we will never know and the truth can never come out.

But I can’t help but think that if Fayed was not who he was, his opinions may have been taken slightly more seriously or with more respect by the media. It pays to be educated. It pays to be white. It pays to be wealthy and it pays to be articulate. Fayed has just one thing going-he is wealthy and this factor has enabled him the power to be able to pursue his agenda regarding the death of his son and Diana. It has rendered him the opportunity to have a platform to spew his theories.

But the final outcome spoke volumes, “In short, the fantasies and the fantasists were finally found out and revealed for what they are”

I don’t like the man but I don’t think we will ever know what truly happen. Like we will never know how truly corrupt the rich and powerful are.

In other news: Someone has taken out the time to research the whole Fayed saga. It makes interesting reading, if not for the dedication by the author of the site.




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