PROFILE: The GOD like Mark E Smith

14 04 2008
    The FALL album cover

“People were great; I was working with dockers and shipping agencies. At the time it was incredible: big ships coming in from Canada, Nigeria, Ghana, full of fruit. I enjoyed my work. It was better than being at college. Got to see all sorts of people – Yanks, Nigerians,”-Mark.E.Smith talking about his youth in Salford, poor working class City in the North of the UK, back in the 60’s..

I love Mark E Smith.

Actually, I adore him.

Anyone who knows me, knows that he’s one of the only music legends that I actually do admire-which is rare as many don’t warrant our time or admiration! Our affections or our respect!

And if you don’t know about this man, then I’m guessing you’ve stumbled on this blog by accident. Fair enough, but if you want to understand about the people behind real genuine music; read this transcript of his bio

Also check out The Fall-if you love alt rock pop music, you’ll love The Fall. If you’re into revolutionary pop music, you love The Fall. If you’re into genuine characters, you’ll love Mark.E.Smith.

Pretty much any rock tune that you listen to at the moment at one time was influenced by The Fall.




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28 05 2010

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