I’m BACK!!! Why? Because the Catholic Church MADE ME DO IT!!

17 03 2010

Too true

More and more priests are being done for messing with kids-girls and boys! Oh yeah! No one cares! Oh yeah! And the crazy Christian Evangelists are earsing US presidents out of the curriculum in Texas!!

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8 07 2008

Oh my god! Times like this I LOVE Fox News! They are just as suspicious and cynical as me!


“In the meantime, we can only wonder: was A-Rod’s injury somehow related to his friendship with Madonna? Was it really cool to stay out late and attend the singer’s very short show at Roseland one day after going on the disabled list? And if he was so disabled, wouldn’t he have wanted to see his 10-day-old daughter rather than jockey with fans to see Madonna promote her new album?”

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STUPID PERSON OF THE YEAR: BEYONCE wants you to know that God LOVES her.

24 05 2008


She’s such a fucking deluded psycho!?

“”I can’t really go to church any more,” the singer tells a magazine this week, “which is a shame. People come up to me during the sermon and, of course, people watch everything I do. They come up and take pictures on their mobile phones too,” Beyoncé goes on. “I think God understands if I miss Sunday service.””
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CRAZY: Sciencetologists unable to put 16 year old boy in jail.

23 05 2008

Oh dear. The Sciencetologists aren’t doing themselves any favors with this shit.

“The unnamed 16-year-old was handed a court summons by City of London police for refusing to put down a placard saying “Scientology is not a religion, it is a dangerous cult” during a peaceful protest outside the church’s headquarters near St Paul’s Cathedral earlier this month.”
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DO YOU CARE?: The REAL Barack Obama

4 05 2008

Probably not.

    Young Obama

In other news, The Times actually has a really engaging piece that isn’t bias or laced with subliminal right wing messages!????

“Barack Obama was a religious sceptic with an identity crisis when he first heard the Rev Jeremiah Wright preach back in 1982.

During the sermon something strange happened: the pastor’s words of hope stirred Obama’s insight that the stories of ordinary black people were his own story, and he felt a profound desire to “give oneself up to God”. Tears streamed down his cheeks.

It may be one of fate’s cruelties that Wright, who became a father figure to the fatherless Obama, could go down in history as the man whose incendiary rhetoric helped to prevent the young Democratic politician from becoming the first black president of the United States.”
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Steely Mother = Steely Wife

2 05 2008

Doesn’t Peter Phillips girlfriend look like such a bitch? Of course you’d have to be made of fucking steel to want to voluntarily part of that insane and incredibly cold family. Granted, she has it easy but she shouldn’t undermine the British press. I think she may even make the coldest aspirational android in the world, Kate Middleton, look sweet.

Peter Phillip & his bi-atch
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On and On and On and On Reverend Wright kept on going….

29 04 2008

…..until the man he obviously resents reputation is finally tarred.

And then everyone lived happily ever after.

The End.
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