GAY MAY WAY: Is Lewis Hamilton GAY????

30 05 2008

Why is he ALWAYS seen with different hooker to robot seeming women ALL THE TIME??! And to add to that mix-what’s with the LACK of chemistry with these obvious beards??? His such a strange guy….

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24 05 2008

Or mostly Black men? It’s an epidemic and I feel a whole ‘crabs barrel’ kind-ah situation. Queerty this gay blog that I frequent, always has shit like this. But this is funn-E, cause they are talking about London!

Yeah, our fucking city!

“Here you can see what type of shit everyone, not just gays, on London buses has to put up from black yoof all the time- which is one of the reasons why whites in London, mainly living in the suburbs, voted in such large numbers against Ken Livingstone and for the conservative Boris Johnson.”

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Very GAY Slater from Saved By The Bell has broken up with his beard!!

29 04 2008

WTF happened to Zach Morris by the way??

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SEX SKANDAL: World cup football player/soccer player caught with a TRANNIE! Oh..oh..

29 04 2008

I’m not being a bitch. We are talking about Brazil-plastic surgery central, model fucking central…GISELLE central for chrissakes! And he is claiming that he thought this trannie was a woman!?

Ronaldo Trannie!

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Is Gordon Brown GAY????????????

27 04 2008

“A few weeks afterwards, Tony turned to me as he was towelling down after a swim at my house in North London and remarked: “What am I going to do about Gordon and Mandelson?”

I had by now come to understand that whenever he asked that kind of question, he had a plan in mind – one that almost invariably involved me.”

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TRUE LOVE AT LAST: Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr

26 04 2008

Ahhh!! This is soo cute and so special! Is it so romantic that they met at a time his career needed reviving and she just so happens to want to go into films? They found each other…….
True Love eh?
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