24 05 2008

Or mostly Black men? It’s an epidemic and I feel a whole ‘crabs barrel’ kind-ah situation. Queerty this gay blog that I frequent, always has shit like this. But this is funn-E, cause they are talking about London!

Yeah, our fucking city!

“Here you can see what type of shit everyone, not just gays, on London buses has to put up from black yoof all the time- which is one of the reasons why whites in London, mainly living in the suburbs, voted in such large numbers against Ken Livingstone and for the conservative Boris Johnson.”


Dude we all hate each other-races SUCK but there’s more to London no?

“At the moment London is plagued by dozens of stabbings to death by black yoof on other black yoof, luckilly (luckilly???!!) they are only stabbing each other to death in utterly insane postcode wars (zipcode wars) where if you wonder into their zones they will kill you. Mad.

There are hundreds of (unreported) attacks by blacks on whites travelling on the busses, as well as them killing and attacking each other.

Just the other day a pack of 20 of them was pulled off a bus in south london after they all got on tooled up with a whole variety of different weapons and the bus driver called the police locked the bus doors and the police surrounded the bus.”

Okay. I thought it was the Somalis…..ANYWAY…THIS is da best ya’ll!

“The real problem is, and one that no one wants to touch for fear of not being politically correct, is that blacks have NEVER assimiliated ANYWHERE in the world except for their one-and-only Africa. The worst thing the US ever did was grant equal rights to blacks. The nation will never recover from the negative, unwanted effects of that action, including people occupying jobs that they are not mentally and/or physically capable of performing and which they obtained only to erroneously correct prior perceived injusticies. The solution to the Iraq quandry is to segregate the Kurds, Shiites, and Sunnis. The solution to crime in the US is to ship all blacks back to Africa with a $10000 check for resettlement.”

Yeah-it went from that to this! Seriously, the gays HAAAAAAAAAAATE, HATE black people!






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26 05 2008

Gays hate black because MOST black people play into the stereotype. Young black men in particular model themselves after those similar to themselves who have “made it” – rappers for instance. Rappers play into strong masculine images acting as if jail-time, money, gang culture (or “thug life”), demoralizing woman, and hating certain groups (gay people) is something to be proud of and an accomplishment in life. I am not saying all black people and all rap artists are like this, but a majority of young black men do follow this stereotype.

Blacks and Gays don’t mix. Why do you think everytime they stick a gay guy and a black guy together in MTV’s the Real World, it always ends up in a fight?

27 05 2008

Hmm, I don’t agree AT ALL. The media has perpetuated so much shit that how can you judged a bunch of people/a race that has had to fight with the glass ceiling and a warped hatred for their race ALL THEIR LIFE? Come on? Would you not hang on to some ‘faux’ kind of lifestyle? Can you not see they are just desperate to fit in or belong? Like gays are soo desperate to fit and belong?

Can you not see the parallels in both groups? Gay men (mainly) are shooting themselves in the feet. This is a typical crabs in the barrel kind of bullshit and it’s pathetic.

If another minority can not understand another minority-then aren’t we so frigging predictable as humans huh?

6 08 2010

Gosh, i really am shocked by the content of that gay-site´s article…but whatever the author wanted to show the world, he did so as aracist and not a gay man. i´m black, gay and do not see why social groupings, especially those who have been mocked for centuries, like gays, blacks, jews etc. cut shit like hating each other out…sad world and the article´s writer should get help, like yesterday!!!!

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