SEX SKANDAL: World cup football player/soccer player caught with a TRANNIE! Oh..oh..

29 04 2008

I’m not being a bitch. We are talking about Brazil-plastic surgery central, model fucking central…GISELLE central for chrissakes! And he is claiming that he thought this trannie was a woman!?

Ronaldo Trannie!


Footballers/Soccer players are such dirty bastards! And the lies they try and spin for their deviancy! I mean don’t get me wrong-I LOVE trannies…that’s not what the issue or the shock.

The issue and the shock is the bullshit that Ronaldo is spewing to cover his tracks!

“Police were yesterday still investigating what happened, but Nogueira said the altercation began when Ronaldo found out he was dealing with transvestites and not the female company he claims he had ordered.

The inspector said Ronaldo admitted he knew they were prostitutes when they met on Sunday night, but did not realize they were transvestites until they got back to the motel.”

Do any of you hot guys and girls remember that story about Ronaldo fucking this girl in a room full of his Barcalona player mates? Whilst they were actually having a chilled after dinner kind of drink? It was doggy style as well…

Men, Men…MEN!!

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6 responses

29 04 2008

I think she looks like a lady – it’s an easy mistake to make.

29 04 2008


Yeah I know-what was it? The manly face or the manly pose? Hey call a spade a spade dude.

29 04 2008

Doggy style does not mean Gay. All guys want to try doggy style, but only whores will do it so men save it for the hookers. Doggy style itself is just a power thing, the female is the dog and the male is the master.

Anyways, I have to side with Ronaldo here. Once the three trannies ‘revealed’ themselves at the hotel he gave them each $600 bucks and told them to get lost. Well one bitch got greedy and thought she could make more money with blackmail.

As for the appearance of these tranny’s; if you’ve ever seen real-life hookers walking the streets you know they all look like men. Real female hookers are all drugged out, missing teeth, look beat and double their age (which is what this tranny looks like). I doubt Ronaldo was looking for some super models, he was looking for three dirty bitches to get into shit most wouldn’t (It wouldn’t surprise me if I found a donkey in their hotel room).

29 04 2008

Okay so you believe him?

I don’t like him at all from what I’ve heard. I worked with prostitutes when I was at University in Manchester, UK before I got into all the media/mags/fashion crap and they don’t all look like that…hispanic women arr really curvaceous..

I have this mentality called prove me wrong. My friends photographed a few Manchester United players and you see them at parties….ummm…jus saying…

29 04 2008

… Is that really that hard to imagine: A group of testosterone fueled men as snatch loving, hard partying pigs? These athletes get put on pedestals and glorified by adoring fans, they are given whatever they want and slutty woman throw themselves at them. I am by no means giving them an excuse, I am just saying that type of lifestyle is very addictive.

And as for “Proof” that tranny’s can be mistaken for woman, have a look at these photo galleries on this website. Some men just naturally look like woman and vice-versa…

29 04 2008

I KNOW that men can look like women and vice versa-my problem is with Ronaldo HIMSELF. ALL of his girlfriends have me so fucking blonde-(he is a mized race guy) and soo conventionally pretty that I finf it hard to understand that suddenly he can’t tell a man by a woman when he is the most stereotypically societies beauty indused footballer.

What pisses me off is that these guys, as you’ve pointed out above-do this shit all the time, they think they are above the law. I think the trannie blew the whistle cause he insulted/disrespected them…

I won’t unless you prove it to me otherwise.

The trannie is poor, lower class Brazilian with gos knows what past and this arrogant fucking racially insercure world wide footballer who does NOTHING for the Brazillian poor, tries to get a dirty fuck with some legit working women-prostitutes…office workers were all slaves…

And then x, y , z happens-he starts to say all this shit?

I’m sorry but I’ve seen what power/money does to people and I think that’s it’s wrong…I believe her..

He has everything to lose and she has nothing but her dignity-who’s gonna lie?

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