Is Gordon Brown GAY????????????

27 04 2008

“A few weeks afterwards, Tony turned to me as he was towelling down after a swim at my house in North London and remarked: “What am I going to do about Gordon and Mandelson?”

I had by now come to understand that whenever he asked that kind of question, he had a plan in mind – one that almost invariably involved me.”

“”You’re good with people,” he said. “Why don’t you have a talk with them both, see whether you can patch things up?” I saw Peter first for lunch in the Commons and explained how worried Tony was about the friction between two of the people he most relied on to change Labour and the country.

Peter, who had been on the receiving end of many months of deadly glares from Gordon, said: “It’s going to be difficult but if Tony wants us to have a go at patching things up, of course I’m ready to do anything I can.”

Buoyed, if still not confident, I then arranged to have lunch with Gordon.

We met on a Wednesday in a crowded top-floor restaurant in Millbank, a few minutes’ walk from Parliament.

Gordon was friendly – at least until I explained my mission.

“Make up with Peter?” he hissed in an angry whisper.

Then, as his voice gradually rose from dispatch-box volume to a near shout, he exclaimed: “Peter? He’s been going around telling everyone that I’m gay! And I am NOT GAY!””

Okay guys, you know I have to report ‘news’ as such, so I apologies in advance cause this is a crock of shit. Is Brown gay? Probably. But how fucking RELEVANT is this piece about him when he is loosing the election campaign? And Lord Levy-do you remember that he was BUDDIES with Tony Blair-erm Blair gave him his knighthood, so how much does it spin of Blairs doing!

The crazy egomaniac-megalomaniac STILL wants attention?! What after all his money making very ‘Bill Clinton’ like way of making money from suspicious characters?


You’re fool if you buy this campaign. I’m no major Gordon fan but these tactics are just so fucking Conservative!

Actually…..maybe the Conservatives paid Levy? He was persona non grata for a while in the press…why has this changed? AND the Mail we’re worst on him then anyone……

News via The Mail




2 responses

21 12 2009
Seamus O'Farrell

all I wanted to know was whether the PM is a closet gay man.

16 04 2010
Jenny Halls

Yes of course he’s gay. Look at the body language, the jaw drop when he pause, so camp.

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