22 06 2008

It’s Sunday and I’m checking out the Sunday papers. Admittedly my interest in media fluctuates just as bad as my weight.

So I thought I’d check The Times which I’ve not read in ages and I see a ‘Linsey Lohan article’, a bad ‘Lily Cole article about nothing’ AND the worst an article about Davinia FUCKING Taylor!??

“There are Banksys on the walls (one from Sadie). A typical northerner, she’s “very house proud”. She cooks for the gang “five times a week. Ring round, see who’s in. We’ll chat about fashion, food, friends, what they’ve been up to, what everyone’s up to next week. Planning adventures. Kids. Normal chitchat, like you’d see on Coronation Street”.

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MEDIA BITES: Germain Greer HEARTS Posh Spice xoxo

19 05 2008

“Victoria Beckham may have seemed the least talented of the Spice Girls but her real talent lay elsewhere. She is an artist in the same genre as Damien Hirst: marketing. In an era of bare bellies, painted legs, visible underwear, junk jewellery and grisly computer generated prints, she is a lone champion of elegance for working girls.”


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***Robert Crampton says: Lindsey Lohan a role model***

10 04 2008

“One or two ungentlemanly ex-lovers had spoken graphically about matters that should have remained private.”

Give me a fucking break.
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MEMO: Bizarres Gordon Smart, what do you have against Pete Doherty??

10 04 2008

The public needs to know!
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“Renee Zellweger struck by snotty nose on red carpet”-DAILY MIRROR

10 04 2008
    Renee as lamp by GOTA

In other news, The Mirror continued its relentless aim to maintain it’s position as the worst tabloid newspaper in the world. Making sure it’s devoid of any real news-gossip or otherwise; The Mirror aims to keep engaging its readers or any new ones that might mistakenly trickle few, by creating non stories out of thin air and refusing to write any good reportage. The 3AM girls are said to ecstatic. They hope to continue to bring down the value of ALL news in their world domination of becoming the worst gossip writers of ALL time.
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Why has this guy still got a job?

6 04 2008

I apologize before hand, for inflicting this individual upon you people. It’s not fair and you never asked for this. But you must understand that bad journalism is a disease, it can’t be helped or prevented.
Rav Singh
Or can it?

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