22 06 2008

It’s Sunday and I’m checking out the Sunday papers. Admittedly my interest in media fluctuates just as bad as my weight.

So I thought I’d check The Times which I’ve not read in ages and I see a ‘Linsey Lohan article’, a bad ‘Lily Cole article about nothing’ AND the worst an article about Davinia FUCKING Taylor!??

“There are Banksys on the walls (one from Sadie). A typical northerner, she’s “very house proud”. She cooks for the gang “five times a week. Ring round, see who’s in. We’ll chat about fashion, food, friends, what they’ve been up to, what everyone’s up to next week. Planning adventures. Kids. Normal chitchat, like you’d see on Coronation Street”.

Er Davina luv, no one is disputing you are not just fucking normal. That you all aren’t just overrated wankers. But you shouldn’t have done this interview cause you’re really thick, dull and you come across as a real fucking try hard and a lap dog.

But on the flipside, it explains why they all ‘hang out’ at your house!?

Anyhow, it’s obvious Camilla Long who wrote the article, is either part of their clan OR wants to be. This piece was just all sorts of fucking WRONG.

I don’t want to link to the article cause it’s that bad and really boring-I’ve not read it all but check out the comments…as usual, the best bit in these cases…




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