“Renee Zellweger struck by snotty nose on red carpet”-DAILY MIRROR

10 04 2008
    Renee as lamp by GOTA

In other news, The Mirror continued its relentless aim to maintain it’s position as the worst tabloid newspaper in the world. Making sure it’s devoid of any real news-gossip or otherwise; The Mirror aims to keep engaging its readers or any new ones that might mistakenly trickle few, by creating non stories out of thin air and refusing to write any good reportage. The 3AM girls are said to ecstatic. They hope to continue to bring down the value of ALL news in their world domination of becoming the worst gossip writers of ALL time.

The wild yesteryears of The Mirrors glory days may finally be put right behind us. It must only be a distant and hazy memory of the times when they used to scoop awards of it’s news breaking stories.

The 3AM girls were not available for any comments but we were able to find the link of the above title regarding Renee Zellweger, blowing her nose on the red carpet. We can’t stress how exciting this piece of news is, and beg you to take your time digesting the complexed but riveting piece of top notch showbiz news and brave reporting.






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