MEMO: Bizarres Gordon Smart, what do you have against Pete Doherty??

10 04 2008

The public needs to know!

Every paper and it’s cousin has reported in Doherty going to jail-ok it’s been done, no biggie on their parts.

And as far as I’ve seen/read; since he broke up with Mosside, we’ve hardly seen that many pictures of him at ALL in all the celeb haunts (you ALWAYS see her in)-the only one’s we have seen were taken by his dubious entourage and it’s usually of him with a cat, and a pipe.

So I’m really confused and flabbergasted. I know you’re a shit Showbiz editor. Actually, you’re fucking crap and the amount shit you make up, sigh, it’s embarrassing. I can’t imagine your lazy boss Ms Wade would even bother to check fact through her paper-it’s not her thang we here, so I know you’ll be in this job until you get promoted to Features editor like your mentor, the wonderfully crap Victoria Newton.

You’re The Sun-I shouldn’t be expecting ought, so whats my drill?

Your warped obsession with Pete Doherty. I don’t care for the guy but why are you so hellbent on putting him down via these ‘stories’ which seem very suspect like they have been leaked by Kate Moss’s pr camp? Who is this friend?

How do you know who Irina is? Pete has no mates you say? Really? What about that DJ YOU told us he was seeing when he was learning to become a sciencetologist?

Before I hear the whines of Doherty’s a druggie, look @ the evidence that made me thinking this came from camp Mosside:

“He has always held a flame for the supermodel. But Kate — who yesterday left Los Angeles after a two-week holiday — seems to have finally kicked the junkie for good.”

Is that a fact eh Gordon? Really? What about all these girls he is seen with and the fact that he was the one that cheated on her but oh nevermind

“So with Kate not caring and Amy laughing, Pete might have expected some support from his loyal fans.”

Ouch, our Gordon’s on a roll! Me-OW.

“WHILE I had little, actually make that zero, sympathy for PETE DOHERTY when he was finally jailed I thought some of his pals might.”

Why all the HATE Gordon? What’s up with you? You anti drugs? Then why are you a showbiz editor-EVERYONE who you write about, we both know are off their fucking tits on shit but why are you leaving your hate just to Pete Doherty-who just happens to be minding his own business?

What do you want from him? To dress up and look like you but do all sorts of shit behind peoples back? Like those pictures of YOU off your tits that were in Private Eye?

I fucking HATE hypocrites.

Gordon you talentless opportunistic prick, you are so confused that please stick to what you do best-writing economic unfunny bits of showbiz news, instead of something that has BLATANTLY being sent to you via press release from Kate Moss’s pathetic gang of cronies.

P.s: readers see my previous piece in how Kate Moss was jealous of Pete hanging out with Agyness Deyn-like I said 2 DAYS AGO. It was also reported by our Gordon.

God they think we’re stupid-Mosside is such a sociopath!

HolyMoly feels the hate..

The Guardian are on IT!




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