8 07 2008

Oh, I’ve heard so much about this girl-she’s still in her teens right?

Well she’s like taken over from Jameson as the number female porn star in the straight porn world BUT she’s also really down and hip with the cool media crowd you see. Vice magazine for a while have done anything and everything about her-ROCK ON! And the girl also appeared on TYRA’s show!

So what’s a biggie about another pretty girl who likes to fuck and knows how to taste cum for the camera’s? I mean Madonna’s been doing it for ages!!?

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NO STYLE FO STYLE: WTF is Beyonce wearing?? (AGAIN!?)

24 05 2008

Oh Bey, can I call you Bey? WHAT is this outfit for? Jus cause you’re gonna hang out by the sea doesn’t mean you have to coordinate it with your outfit??

    Bey Bey Bey

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STUPID PERSON OF THE YEAR: BEYONCE wants you to know that God LOVES her.

24 05 2008


She’s such a fucking deluded psycho!?

“”I can’t really go to church any more,” the singer tells a magazine this week, “which is a shame. People come up to me during the sermon and, of course, people watch everything I do. They come up and take pictures on their mobile phones too,” Beyoncé goes on. “I think God understands if I miss Sunday service.””
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NY MET BALL PICS: Last call!!!

6 05 2008

Hey kids! We left the best till last!

Tom Kat

Belle of the ball and her dwarf charming. They were undeniably in love, always laughing and joking like newlyweds!
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DOH: Beyonce & Jay Z’s pre-nup is the SHIT!

2 05 2008


This is one shitty pre-nup!? She only gets £5 million/$10 million after 2 years of marriage if they divorce? Is that good? For someone with her lifestyle?? Man-the media ALWAYS bullshit about how much celebs frigging make!


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WTF is BEYON-CAY wearing??

9 04 2008

I reaaaaaaaally did not/don’t want this site to be all bitchy and girly, as god knows that there are enough gossip sites who bore you to death with all that malarky. BUT, this has been playing on my mind for a long time. Loong time.

    Beyonce-Just Jared

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