NY MET BALL PICS: Last call!!!

6 05 2008

Hey kids! We left the best till last!

Tom Kat

Belle of the ball and her dwarf charming. They were undeniably in love, always laughing and joking like newlyweds!

Beyonce! Beyonce!

Caller: It’s newlywed Beyonce! She looks stunning! So different! So alluring! So..
Me: Huh?
Caller: Oh, well…she just got married!
Me: You said that. I don’t think she looks any different from all the same old lilac dresses her mother makes her wear.
Caller: I guess not. She’s kind of dull isn’t she?
Me: Yep

Ex tennis champion Venus Williams

Caller: Ex Tennis champion Miss Venus Williams, towering the event attendees with her body.
Venus Williams to self: I feel so pretty. I feel like a princess. I hope my wig doesn’t fall out? I think these are me and ma sisters hair weave product..hmmm….

Sarah Michelle Prinze Jnr

Caller: Oh, there’s Buffy.

Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson to self with nasal whiney American dialect: Ahh, this is soo awsome! I like want to stand out but I don’t because I want to be taken seriously but then I really want to make people notice me. Oh, god, there’s Scarlette Johansson, she always takes all my roles! Will I ever make it? Oh, my god i feel so excited! This is so cool!

Mary J Blige

Caller: Hey Mary! LOVE you! The gays love you! You Diva! You rock girlfriend!
Mary J Blige looking slightly awkward but overwhelmed: Thank you sir. I’m just happy you know? I just thank god that I’m right here and right now. I like you know, just put a dress on and I’m like here, y’know? I’m just glad to be here with my man who helped me become who I am today.

Caller to Me: Oh my god, don’t you just LOVE her? Such a sister riii-ight? I mean, she’s so deep!
Me: Myeah.

And FINALLY…..the one the most excited to be here….

Janet J!

Janet to self: Oh, god where’s my xanax? I don’t care for this. If I just stay silent hopefully they’ll let me be. I’m hungry. Why am I here again? I thought my album came out? I feel like I’ve been working for all my life. Where’s my xanax? I’m bored. Oh god.




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