DOH: Beyonce & Jay Z’s pre-nup is the SHIT!

2 05 2008


This is one shitty pre-nup!? She only gets £5 million/$10 million after 2 years of marriage if they divorce? Is that good? For someone with her lifestyle?? Man-the media ALWAYS bullshit about how much celebs frigging make!



“They say Beyonce will get $10 million dollars in the event of divorce, provided she stays with Jay for two years, and one million dollars for each additional year of marriage up to 15 years. They say Jay also promises to buy Bey a house worth $10 million dollars if they split, and reportedly will pay her $5 million dollars for every child she has by him, to cover her ‘loss of income’.”

Like their stupid relationship and their stupid wedding-all I have to say to this is..myeeeah, I loathe this couple. And isn’t that picture so sweet & romantic? Ahhh…

Boring…..source from here!!




One response

2 05 2008

Jay, say it aint so, say you have a lawyer that is smarter than a fifth grader.

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