BRATZ: LILY ALLEN nude AND desperate for YOUR attention!!!!! NOW!!!!!

15 05 2008


Lily Allen Daily Mail

God I HATE this stupid overrated prat.

More @ the MAIL. (If you can be bothered??)




11 responses

15 05 2008

gross. disgusting – why would she do this to us??? first wino and doherty kissing and now this…how much more can we take…?

27 10 2008

Theres nothing, wrong with her being topless, but don’t pretend you didn’t know the press would be there! Going to Cannes to relax should mean getting away from publicity.

4 03 2009
Lily Allen is on Drugs and so are You | This Music Sucks

[…] celebrity of the now, getting naked in Thailand, getting naked in Jamaica, and getting naked in Cannes. All these tits put together make for a really great sounding album.Now with her second release, […]

27 03 2009

Fed up, your such an idiot. You subject yourself, to things that you you can’t stand. That’s you pathetic attitude not hers. And who the hell are you to say “”WE” people don’t want to join your big time loser club.

19 04 2009

You’re a big and dumb prick.

29 06 2009

How is someone getting a tan desperate for attention? Attractive or not, talented or not, you’ve got issues and need to get out more if this qualifies as gross to you.

YAWN …why does this even matter?

28 08 2009
daisical b

hahah this is silly, how unimortant do you have to be to the world that you actually dedicate your time to posting irrelevant news like this? If I could travel the world like her, I’d take off my clothes too. Get a life! ;]
i ❤ lily!

21 09 2009

You’re the only who likes that talentless looser! Go for it!

19 01 2011

She’s nothing to write home about is she? Although, the chest is quite perky.

10 02 2011

I the modish user.You saw,obloquy joke

[url= it was agreeable to you?

9 01 2012
Bob F

Hot pic, thanks. I like her shape.

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