16 09 2008

Oh Blighty. You ruled the waves, oh yes you did! You killed many, imprisones tonnes, created the country of Austrailia to get read of the working class convicts, abolished the slavery you started and only gave up colonisation of Countries in the 50’s! Phew!

You say you’ve learnt and the past is the past, so I’m confused. Why are people who’ve fought the World War for Britain and all those lily white kids not aloud to stay here??

Answer: They look like that. NOT WHITE.

Boo Hoo.

Almost 50,000 Gurkhas have died fighting for Britain and around 150,000 have been seriously injured.

Actress Joanna Lumley, whose father served with the Gurkhas, said: “Like so many people in Britain I am ashamed at how successive governments have failed these magnificent and loyal soldiers.”

But the Government believes “Gurkhas discharged before 1 July 1997 would not normally have developed strong residential ties with the UK to merit being allowed to stay automatically”.

It pays to white alright!

Via  Sky Newz




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25 09 2008

this story is so depressing….typical!

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