U HEARD? Irina Lazareanu & Pete Doherty song? RIIIGHT?

24 05 2008

It’s actually quite good! Very ska-indie like yah? Me like!

    Irina L

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24 05 2008

From Gallery Of The Absurd…



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FOOTBALL!!!: Dem Celebz R out Ya’ll!! Respec!

19 05 2008

Ok, lets play a game, name the celeb!! And you have only 5 guessing chances AAANd once you do, please tell me cause I don’t know. Thanks.

    Z Listo!

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AMY WINEHOUSE & PETE DOHERTY VIDEO: “Looks like Johnny Borrell coming out of a bath”

17 05 2008

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How the mighty highty have fallen: Pete Doherty

25 04 2008

Wasn’t it just about a year ago that we-the UK were all obsessed with everything Pete Doherty and Kate Mosside? Well, the opening of Pete’s art show opened to little funfair and even smaller comments by the usually ruthless Daily Mail readers. Oh Pete, you are a prat ain’t cha kiddo?

Pete\'s work of his replationship with Kate Moss
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New show ‘Headcases’….just like ‘Spitting Images’ is on 2night on ITV!!!?..

5 04 2008

Ok, first off, calm yourself of the shock that something good could be on ITV. And then secondly, laugh at those caricatures of Wino and Pete D! Brill huh?

Ahhh…it’s been a while guys with this kind of satire and if you were born in the late 70’s and early 80’s-you’d remember Spitting Image! I still watch the re-runs on Sky!
spitting image of amy winehouse and petedoherty

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