4 07 2008

Oh, she’s my fave person of the year at the moment! Actually make the past two years! Makes my heart a flutter and helps you believe!

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Merde! Zut Alors! Sarkozy! Vous etes un petit idiot! Mr Bling Bling!

5 05 2008

Sarkozy leaves me speechless. Whenever I try to dissect why when has played things out the way that he has-I am left stumped and even more baffled!?

This ‘self destructive borderline insanely egotistical with a healthy dollop of presumptuousness gently wrapped around with shortsightedness’, has been what politically and cultural history is made of. So understandably, you’d think people would bloody learn?

But non!

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1968! 1968! 1968! 1968!!

29 04 2008

Okay. Let me get my idealistic head out of the clouds. I’ll be honest-I won’t comment much on this cause it makes my heart flutter too much and I start to wish & imagine that I hang out with Guy Debord sipping cheap red wine by the Seine.

I can’t be objective-AT ALL.

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“She’s the kind of girl who likes to create a disturbance.”

7 04 2008

Sarah Doukas, owner of Storm Models, speaking about Carla Bruni-now lovely wife of the president of France.

    Carla! Carla! Carla!

Oh la la indeed!
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Oh Sarkozy!! What were you thinking?? Ah…with your brain…non?

5 04 2008

Via the brilliant Private Eye