1968! 1968! 1968! 1968!!

29 04 2008

Okay. Let me get my idealistic head out of the clouds. I’ll be honest-I won’t comment much on this cause it makes my heart flutter too much and I start to wish & imagine that I hang out with Guy Debord sipping cheap red wine by the Seine.

I can’t be objective-AT ALL.

So 1968 huh?

Sarkozy is pissed. Sarkozy revolts it. Sarkozy is married to a supermodel who was married to a philosopher.


Life is full of shitty confusing stuff-don’t try and make sense of it but just try to make sense of the dots.

“In a stinging campaign speech a year ago, as he ran against the Socialist candidate, Sarkozy attacked May 1968 and “its leftist heirs,” whom he blamed for a crisis of “morality, authority, work and national identity.” He attacked “the cynicism of the caviar left.”

In 1968, Glucksmann said, “the hope was to change the world, like the Bolshevik revolution, but it was inevitably incomplete and the institutions of the state are untouched.” Now, he said, “We commemorate, but the right is in power.” As for the French left, he said, “it’s in a state of mental coma.””

I you assuming they are champagne socialists? You fucking hypocrite Sarkozy??

I’m not saying a HUGE percentage weren’t but fuck off….


Ok, ok-I won’t get involved. But here’s the lowdown;

“May 1968 was a watershed in French life, a holy moment of liberation for many, when youth coalesced, the workers listened and the semi-royal French government of President Charles de Gaulle took fright.

But for others, like the current president, Nicolas Sarkozy, only 13 years old at the time, May ’68 represents anarchy and moral relativism, a destruction of social and patriotic values that, he has said in harsh terms, “must be liquidated.”

The fierce debate about what happened 40 years ago is very French. There is even a fight about labels – the right calls May ’68 “the events,” while the left calls it “the movement.”
While a youth revolt became general in the West – from anti-Vietnam protests in the United States to the Rolling Stones in swinging London and finally the Baader-Meinhof gang in Germany – France was where the protests of the baby-boom generation came closest to a real political revolution, with 10 million workers on strike and not just a revulsion against stifling social rules of class, education and sexual behavior.”


If you believe in revolutions, activism or just fucking balls & spirit…these images in the Herald will make you weep.

Beautiful, here’s the link….1968



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