Merde! Zut Alors! Sarkozy! Vous etes un petit idiot! Mr Bling Bling!

5 05 2008

Sarkozy leaves me speechless. Whenever I try to dissect why when has played things out the way that he has-I am left stumped and even more baffled!?

This ‘self destructive borderline insanely egotistical with a healthy dollop of presumptuousness gently wrapped around with shortsightedness’, has been what politically and cultural history is made of. So understandably, you’d think people would bloody learn?

But non!

The French are not known for their media savvy-ness nor for their ability to see further then their large noses, so some of Sarkozy’s erratic behavior does make sense, but what an earth made him think by ‘courting’ and marrying an ex enfant terrible of the modeling world within a span of 3 months, would fair well within the media or public eye?!

Predictably and sharply, by changing her outside demeanor, she has been able to win over a few disgruntled cabinet officers and a generous amount of the short termed memory public but his popularity is still waning, badly.

The problem as we’ve seen time and time again-at the moment in the US, just here in the UK and a few weeks ago in Italy; it’s not necessarily about your policies. Of course they blooming factor but look at Obama and Hilary-their’s don’t differ that much at all and I don’t think all of a sudden Sarkozy has made a u-turn with his opinions or promises.

But people can’t or won’t see that-choose which-and I for one don’t blame them. I never liked him politically anyway and it serves the arrogant French public right! (Ha, pardon the pun!)

“”There has been a lot of activity but not many results,” said Elie Cohen, a member of the Council of Economic Analysis, an independent panel of economists that advises the prime minister’s office.

“He raised expectations in France and abroad,” said Cohen. “People thought: if anyone can change France, this guy can. Today people are no longer sure.””

No, we didn’t think that abroad! We thought he was all grand gestures and over the top gesticulating! Why is it that residents of countries during their election time, always think the rest of the world agree with their choices, when they either a) Don’t ask and b) If they do-they don’t take it on board and exclaim you haven’t zee clue about the true state of their country!

Oh la la!

So Sarkozy allegedly hasn’t kept some of his promises is what is being peddles about but am I wrong in thinking that he hasn’t been in power for that long and that erm, maybe they should wait a tad longer?

Now see what I mean? If they liked the dude with napoleon complex-they’d have made allowances..? Non? A year is too long!

“But one year on, his popularity has slumped to 32 percent, some lawmakers in his center-right camp are restive, and tightening credit and growing inflation have gnawed at growth and morale.

Sarkozy’s first 12 months in power have been as turbulent and highly charged as the man himself. Ambitious, eloquent and unconventional, he also has been prone to crowd-pleasing retractions, fits of temper and errors in judgment, notably the flaunting of his romance with the Italian-born former supermodel Carla Bruni, now his third wife.”

And he’s lied! On non! A politician lying in order to be elected? Making promises he was never going to keep? Dis iz not la verite! Now you will say all politicians are corrupt megalomaniacs?!

“Most strikingly, perhaps, Sarkozy never abolished the 35-hour week, a Socialist law that has become emblematic of the complex French rules on labor.

Rather than raising or scrapping the work-time limit, Sarkozy has created complex incentives to ignore it: a tax break on overtime, costing the state €6 billion a year, or nearly $9.3 billion, and a law forcing companies to pay workers who prefer cash to extra time off.”

I don’t like l’imbecile! So ha, ha! But if you can stomach it and like a sense of familiarity about a President/Prime Minister/etc letting people down, then read on and on about l’economie Francais!

Voila via The International Herald




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