“She’s the kind of girl who likes to create a disturbance.”

7 04 2008

Sarah Doukas, owner of Storm Models, speaking about Carla Bruni-now lovely wife of the president of France.

    Carla! Carla! Carla!

Oh la la indeed!

Oh monsieur Sarkozy, what have let yourself in for?

Alas, Bruni is such a pretty, pretty girl, that we-society, completely forget the dubious and questionable past that she lead for a good decade, amidst the glamour and drudgery of the creative international elite!

To have charm and beauty! What a lethal combination!

To call Britain’s media behaviour regarding the visit of Bruni and her evil dwarf, pathetic, would be the understatement of the century! Get a life you pricks! Have you never seen a pretty girl before who can string a sentence or two? Bah. I guess not. Saddos.

Only in these straaaange celebrity obsessed times, can someone reinvent themselves from a heavily disliked harlot to a saintly elegant lady of France!

People who remember Bruni from her super-modeling days when she stole Jagger off Jerry Hall, were pretty stumped by this surreal match. But now it seems, they too, are pretending that this makes sense.


I don’t dislike the woman, in fact I like her. She’s aloof and a bitch breaking powerful mens hearts, whilst she glides her way to the ‘top’. Top of what, is a mystery to both you and I but the girl obviously has one niggling agenda. Her behaviour draws heavy parallels to that of the original courtesans, namely Pamela Churchill-Harriman. But Harriman was born in times when it was very hard for women to be taken seriously and from her heavy support in inputing Bill Clinton at the White House, her agenda was obviously for a role in politics.

But with Carla? I’m trying to join up the dots and the picture I’m getting is too abstract!

In all fairness, this is kind of fun. We’re are now realizing that politicians want to be famous and the famous want to be politicians. We see that there is a huge grey area, when it comes to ‘substance vs attention’.

It’s the chicken and the egg situation, which came first? Wanting to be a politician or wanting to be famous?





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