MCCAIN SUCKZ: God I LOVE this woman!

15 09 2008

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“ONE in SIX girls in Austria sexually abused at home”

5 05 2008

You’d have to be living under a rock to have not heard about the Austrian case of that poor woman who was systematically raped by her own Dad from the age of 11 and THEN kept hostage in a dungeon that “she helped built”, underneath her house from the age of 18.

I’ve purposefully ignored this story because of the sensationalism surrounding it and that it is what it is, as well as fact it’s deeply unpleasant. But I’m mentioning it now because I think this story they are peddling about how one in six girls in Austria at home, is ‘out of order’.
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BRATZ: Surprise, surprise; Kelly Obsourne gets away with obscene language on air!!?

23 04 2008

What the fuck is wrong with this country? Why is this talentless hanger on taken so frigging seriously??

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MURDOCH haaaates to loose. Like ever. And ev-ah.

21 04 2008
    Murdoch with Homer

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Why has this guy still got a job?

6 04 2008

I apologize before hand, for inflicting this individual upon you people. It’s not fair and you never asked for this. But you must understand that bad journalism is a disease, it can’t be helped or prevented.
Rav Singh
Or can it?

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