PROFILE: I HEART Piers Morgan…

10 04 2008

“I’ve mixed it in the business world with most of the top players – men like Trump, Rupert Murdoch, Sir Philip Green, Sir Richard Branson, and, of course, Sir Alan.

The character traits are fairly similar, even if their personalities appear very different. All of them are tough, hard, ruthless winners.

They’re all susceptible to outbreaks of vanity, opportunism, arrogance and greed.”

I’m the only one but me no care! The man can do no wrong in me precious eyes-that double chin, the snarl and foremost his inability to seem interested when he is doing America’s Top Talent; borders on genius like arrogance!

I love it. He calls a spade a spade and what I would do to go out on a liquid lunch of all you can drink vintage Whisky and copious supplies of Atlantic caught oysters!

Slimy BUT funny!

Seriously, any media lover-even if you’re not British should read his books. They are funny, self deprecating and embarrassingly candid. You flinch, sigh, laugh and shiver with him as he fills you in on political tales and showbiz gossip.

A lot of people hate him and I just think save your energy for someone he spins you a ‘yarn’. Piers Morgan doesn’t try to get you to like him-he just says it as he sees it. Yeah he’s full of shit but he know that. Get over it.

Unless you want to spend the rest of your life with one big rose tinted head in the clouds about the power and bullshit that is the celebrity world, I recommend that you get some of his books out-from the Library if you want to play it safe.

If not, read his account on The Apprentice on our favorite immoral paper, The MAIL!!

Image from Telegraph article counting his success in the US..

In other news: He was bloody good as The Daily Mirror’s editor….




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