4 06 2008

Sigh. What fucking loozers, huh? It’s so embarrassing when they pay b-list Hollywood stars to turn up and award them with a weird and random prize! Was Glamour always this bad, didn’t it used to okay in the 90’s? Was I imagining this?

God and for the really funny and CRAZY bit, check out the list of ‘winners’. Kate Moss won, wait for it best ‘Entrepreneur’?! Gulp. Do they even know what the meaning of the word is? Are you with me on this one? Should will blow up the Glamour building with all its stuff to smithereens? Yeah?! Yeah!!

Now are THESE your most HATED people in the world or WHAT?? Lol!! lol!! LOL!!

    TV Personality: Dannii Minogue
    UK TV Actress: Keeley Hawes
    International Musician: Beth Ditto
    Accessories Designer: Tamara Mellon
    Entrepreneur: Kate Moss
    Film-maker: Jane Goldman
    Theatre Actress: Kelly Osbourne
    Writer; Cecilia Ahern
    Presenter: Fearne Cotton
    Editor’s Special: Lily Allen
    Radio Personality: Jo Whiley
    Aussie Hair Care Newcomer: Hayden Panettiere
    UK Solo Artist: Leona Lewis
    Comedy Actress: Joanna Page
    Band: Spice Girls
    Man of the Year: Mark Ronson
    Inspiration: Annie Lennox
    Film Actress: Kate Beckinsale


Ditto’s dress sure does rock, she looks good but her accessory of Osbourne brings the whole outfit to z-e-r-o. And she’s also kind-ah sad too, her desp need to impress all and sundry, NOT COOL.

Oh, the beautiful couple.
So achingly cool.
So achingly hip.
So achingly casual.
So achingly….faux?

Hmm. Fearne Cotton. Erm….her dress and shoes are nice? Huh?

Oh-there’s Alfie Allen. Okay. I guess you can’t have just two loosers in a family huh? Keiths Allen’s attention seeking bloodline is STRONG huh<em




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