8 07 2008

God the cultural world has indeed come to a sticky and ridiculously pathetic end in Blighty. Would you pay to go see a bunch of untalented and pretentiously z-list celebs like Kelly Osbourne, Jodie Harsh and Sophie Ellis Bextor try and fucking act??!

The Director of this film needs to be strung up by his balls on one of those tall trees in East London, near Hackney with a sign hanging off his little toe saying ‘WANKER’.

Via Heat Magazine

Why God???????





2 responses

8 07 2008

I totally agree with everything you said on my blog. The only reason I watched it was because it was funny in its naff-ness. And i agree, as someone who writes but doesn’t live in London and therefore can’t really make the most of my skills (hence my blog as an outlet, and to show future potential employers), it’s annoying to see other people in your profession do a bad job of it. Like Heat- can they not afford a proofreader?? Which reminds me, I haven’t bought a copy today yet, haha. Although refused to last week because Katona was on the front *rolls eyes*.

8 07 2008

Heh. I know!

Heat are lazy!!

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