BRATZ: TYRONE ‘my dad’s a Rolling Stone’ WOODS.

26 06 2008

Tyrone has been on my blip-ish. I mean Ronnie Woods an his missus have soo many kids, I stupidly assumed that they were still pre-teens! Silly me! We have a new-ish BRATZ on the scene! Meet Tyrone Woods part of international fraternity that is “arist-rockracy”! YO!

Oh, yeah and his girlfriend is ‘new Kate Moss and British Supermodel who was just discovered when she was 17 in Devon, la,la, la’, Rosie Huntington-Whitely.

Jeez, I wonder if she goes riding?

As far as I know, Tyrone doesn’t really do much, well, apart from ‘curate’ his dad’s art gallery, called Scream. They sell pics like this below..

Original isn’t IT? A picture of Kate Moss. Hum…..though between you and me I actually think it’s not too bad at all….but get real? Please do you HAVE to be so predictable?? They have Vivienne Westwood on their books…

Oh, he also hangs out with the Casiraghis..but WHO doesn’t??!





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