BRATZ: Introducing Miss Alice Dellal.

24 06 2008

Oh you know all about the BRATZ by now. They are spoilt London rich kids who think they are entitled and too cool for school. They range from Kelly Osbourne to Jaime Winstone. They haven’t got a clue BUT they think they have! Usually riding off the coattails of a rich or famous parent.


Everyone, meet Alice ‘i’m a heiress of £800 million-Black Jack’s granddaughter girlfriend of pretty boy Casaraghi’ Dellal.

Obviously I loathe her. I think she’s overrated and I DON’T think her style is that original, A T A L L. But what do I know?

She’s BUDDEEZ with Agy Deyn….

With a fellow BRATZ, Jaime Winstone…

Ohh er….Pixie Geldof is a bezzie mate too! Woop!

‘La VIDA must be muchos hard for you chica, non?!’

And finally, she’s with my fave London fauxster, Jodie bloody Harsh.

Ahh, ain’t life grand??

Rich over privileged girls always have all the FUN!!




6 responses

15 07 2008

shes cool. you seem jelous

16 07 2008

You got me there Sal!

Can I call you that?

T’is pretty name..same!

24 07 2008

Hmm, she is pretty but nothing special… And “her” fashion sence is not original nor fresh…

19 09 2008

she is horrible to look at and horrible to people she does not think can advantage her in anyway. horrible little girl. hope her 15 mins is up soon and we can get some pretty models back.

19 11 2008

pahaha… you seem a little unhinged

19 01 2011

I guess the hold up stockings are a plus for her. Now she just needs to learn to wear heels and ditch that dreadful grunge look.

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