BRATZ: Kelly Osbourne & Boyfriend @ Bungalow 8 (a night club) in LONDON (a city), on a WEEKDAY (a week-day..?).

26 06 2008

Now, I’m no angel but that’s OKAY. I don’t LIE or pretend to be ONE. But why go out of your way to say you’re DONE with partying and then go PARTYING….on a WEEKDAY!!?? For NO reason other then, erm, to PARTY??!!

Y’know? Via Mr Pap

“Despite being six years her junior it appears Kelly’s current 18-year-old boyfriend Luke Worrell has managed to tame her inner party child. The 24-year-old recently admitted she’s completely smitten with her toyboy and that was just for starters:

“It’s refreshing that all the family like him. I’ve known Luke for a year and we’ve just grown into being a couple. It’s nice, new and exciting. The social scene has finished for me. I’m not falling out of clubs every night like lots of celebs my age. I was going out a lot, I was drinking a lot and it wasn’t attractive. The future’s bright and I’m not going to f*ck it up.” “

Yeah, I know…when I read that I didn’t even swallow it. Talk bout doth protesting! But my job is to call the BRATZ, so thus, I WILL.

Word of advice Kelly, you’re a very fortunate girl. You aren’t attractive, you can’t carry a show, a tune or read an auto-cue but because you are now based in a really shitty and self loathing country like the UK, you’ve literally been given any job that’s been going in the industry….

so STU.




2 responses

4 07 2008
Bratz Turner

yeah, you have the right to say that.

28 09 2008

Totally right!!
Who’s Luke Howell? He’s a model right? From englad?

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