26 06 2008

Oh god. What a load of tosh. This has to be the biggest networking event in history! With thick aroma of self congratulating resonating the Hyde Park soiree, as guests nibbled on a superb Gordon Ramsey, yes he!, dinner the world watched in silence, yes silence!, as da starz came out in droves from their busy and hugely important schedules to have their picture taken and gossip at that old black man who was in prison or summit?

But lock up your thugs and burgeoning gangsters, it’s The Sugarbabes! Do you think Amelle in the middle brought her machete wielding fiancee? Do you? Think?

These starz are the kind of people who selflessly promote anti-racism or human right violations… wait…erm, are any speaking out against Zimbabwe? Oh, my bad, it’s not hip yet…right?

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