MCCAIN SUCKZ: God I LOVE this woman!

15 09 2008


How GREAT is this image?

Read the rest via GAWKER.



2 responses

16 09 2008

What Greenberg did was self-serving, immature, and HURTS THE CAUSE SHE CLAIMS TO SUPPORT.

The backlash from this childish stunt will do significant damage to the Democratic campaign for President, giving Republican hatemongers yet ANOTHER non-issue that they can use to call their supporters to arms.

By doing this Greenberg has made herself more famous, and cemented THOUSANDS of new votes for McCain.

16 09 2008

That’s BULL.

You guys just don’t get it. This means shit. It’s just some arty provocative image that is two a penny in the art world or political even.

Do you really thing that ANY Repubs were ever gonna vote for a frigging black guy?? Live EV-ER?

Look at the way they are going crazy over Sarah Palin whose soo thick and un political it should surely shame The Repubs BUT no, their like treating her like she’s the second coming…any excuse not to vote for Obama.

These US elections is a media circus. So don’t be surprised by more shit like this!

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