29 07 2008

Sold Out. Everywhere.

“The first printing was so scarce in London that Edward Enninful, the black Notting Hill-born Vogue fashion editor, who worked with Meisel to style the Naomi Campbell cover (one of three versions of the edition) was forced to scour the country for an issue. ‘I couldn’t believe it. I ended up phoning friends in Ellesmere Port in Cheshire, who found one for me in a corner newsagent. I am so excited. I never thought I would be able to see something like this – my people, my race, wearing the collections, being gorgeous, chic, real women in that way. But the most important thing is: this proves we are bankable. We can sell.'”

You can say that again! Wooh!

“Conceived by editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani, and shot by Steven Meisel from a roster of 18 new, established and former stars, the July ‘black issue’ sold out in Britain on arrival. That renowned fashion photographer Steven Meisel, the recluse whose lens has made the career of many a model (including Brits Lily Cole and Karen Elson) should be focusing on non-white subjects might have been expected to cause some debate. A mild examination of conscience among the model scouts, agencies, casting directors and designers was privately anticipated, without much hope of anything changing – in the same way that the endless skinny-model debate has resulted in little or no change in the industry. But no one anticipated the global interest.

‘It has been unprecedented, a sensation, although that wasn’t the aim,’ said Jonathan Newhouse, chairman of Condé Nast International, who masterminded the reprinting and rerouting of unsold magazines in Italy to America and Britain. In America, the issue is shrink-wrapped and stickered with the words ‘First Reprint. The Most Wanted Issue Ever’.

That is no hype, according to the Kenya Hunt, the young black style editor of Metro International News in New York. ‘I’ve been watching the news-stands since the beginning. There are lines of women when they hear of a new shipment. It’s a wide cross-section of women, girls, people my parents’ age who read Ebony,’ she said. ‘There have been email chains about it. The news-stand guys are hustling, locking it up in the back and charging $25, $28, when the real price is $16. Yesterday, I saw it on eBay for $50. There is a climate shift. This is the year of the presidential election. And this at a time when magazine sales are really hurting.'”

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4 08 2008

well, well. let’s c what comes out of this situation….shall be interesting to watch

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