29 07 2008

Oh Amy! You’re such a tease! YOU!!!

“If Winehouse’s deliberately off-the-rack look — beehive hairdo, heavy eyeliner, haphazard clothes — once made her seem boho and hip, her repeated appearances on the tabloid pages presented her as pathetic. If “Rehab” once seemed an amusing poke in the eye to her minders, it took on darker overtones as Winehouse was hospitalized for various ailments and actually did go to rehab, most recently in early 2008, in an attempt to kick her drug and alcohol addictions.”

Get a life CNN!

Report on the NEWS!


YAWN, Die Already will you ‘attentionseekingoverrated’ prat!

“Once Winehouse started establishing her wild-child reputation, the tabloids jumped on her story and never let go. They trumpeted her missed concerts, shaky performances, weight loss, shambling manner. One set of photos, in 2007, showed her bloodied after an apparent argument with Fielder-Civil; another, from a raw-looking video, showed her apparently smoking crack.

She has a love-hate relationship with the paparazzi, Rolling Stone reported earlier this month, and the photographers appear to have equally mixed feelings: “She’s on loads of crack, but you can see through that,” Simon Gross, a freelance photographer, told the magazine. “I just want for her to get better. I’m hoping someday for that set of pictures of her riding her bike in the park or something healthy.”

For all that, the talent continues to shine through. Her Grammy performance, finally held at a London club, earned raves; she also pulled herself together for a tribute to Nelson Mandela in late June. (The next day, however, she slugged a fan at the Glastonbury Festival; the festival’s organizer said she had been groped.)”


News via CNN



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29 07 2008

You’re right. This is rather rubbishy, lol. I don’t know if its more funny or pathetic. For Amy’s good, i hope she comes to her senses before she goes all Britney on people.

29 07 2008

Tell me about it!

30 07 2008

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