29 07 2008

Oh dear-China is NEVAH wrong!

“China has rejected a new report which claims it has broken a promise to improve its human rights situation and “betrayed the core values of the Olympics.”

Oh China!

Say it aint so!


“According to Amnesty, China promised an improvement in human rights, media freedom and better provision in health and education. Instead, it says, Beijing has locked up, put under house arrest and forcibly removed individuals they believe may threaten the image of “stability” and “harmony” they want to present to the world during next month’s games.

“By continuing to persecute and punish those who speak out for human rights, the Chinese authorities have lost sight of the promises they made when they were granted the Games seven years ago,” Roseann Rife, Asia-Pacific Deputy Director at Amnesty International, said on the organization’s Web site.

However, China dismissed the report and said that people who “understood” China would not agree with it.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao said: “We hope Amnesty can take off the tinted glasses it has worn for many years and see China in an objective way.”

China you BAD.

You VERY bad, Y-AH


“Despite new media regulations that were supposed to allow for freer reporting for foreign journalists, Amnesty says they continue to be prevented from covering “sensitive issues”, including talking to those who suffer human rights violations. It says foreign correspondents in China reported more than 250 instances of interference with their work since the start of last year.

The group also believes that local activists and journalists working on human rights issues in China are at particular risk of abuse during the Games.”

Argh. The world smells and goes round and round. Goodbye!

News via CNN




One response

30 07 2008

China is the world’s leading executioner and the biggest jailer of journalists and dissident bloggers. It uses torture and censors the Internet and the media.

It promised that hosting the Olympics would improve human rights:

“By allowing Beijing to host the Games you will help in the development of human rights,” that was said by Liu Jingmin, vice-president of the Beijing Olympic Bid Committee, in 2001.

It has yet to happen.

It isn’t political. Human rights – the right to things like health and shelter to the freedom of expression and religion – are the basis of human life. Standing up for human rights is to stand up for the values enshrined in the Olympic Charter

Check out Amnesty’s mircosite and take action –

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