8 07 2008

“All my life, I have had hanging over me my antecedents, my parents, and the last thing I want to do in some sexual context is be reminded of it. I wouldn’t consider my parents to be Nazi but there is obviously a link.”

Ahh, poor Max. Poor, poor Max. He’s convincing isn’t he…..isn’t he gents & ladies…..?

In other news, when will the News Of The World blood learn! They’ve lost like 4 cases this past month-why can’t they get their sources correctly and reliably?? We know the stories they are posting are true-it’s pretty obvious Jordan is a bitch to her kids but time and time again, like with the pretty true Kate Moss orgy story-they don’t seem to get the info off someone who want buckle under pressure.

Everyone knows that Mosside is time and time again either fucking a dick, herself or anything in between. Her well known obsession with having orgies is stuff of London legend but oh no, th NOTW have to go and eff it up some bloody how!

Now it looks like Mosely will win.

Though to be frank, he has a point, it’s HIS twisted nazi loving business.

“His barrister described one which involved a naked Mr Mosley being spanked by a woman with a whip, and she in turn being spanked by him with a strap. The German session featured ‘prison guards’ in German uniforms. In an extract from an audio recording played to the court, slapping sounds could clearly be heard. A woman was being beaten while German was being spoken, it was explained.

Mr Mosley told Mark Warby QC, for the newspaper, that the only reason the session was conducted in German was that one of the women spoke German.

At one point, a woman was heard to say in English: ‘But we are the Aryan race, the blondes’. Mr Mosley said that he did not recall it being said but Aryan did not mean Nazi.”

News via the ever so reliable MAIL.




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