8 07 2008

“Given its huge majority, Labour could have made the case against racism and xenophobia. But rather than stand on principle, it has preferred to pander. Having ducked the major challenges, it has left it to the likes of Rev Roger Gayler to literally face the consequences of the failure head on.”

Oh-I LOVE this. Nothing rallies ol’England up then a talk about race and their feelings about it!!

Doth protest to much dear sir!!

BUT also we have Gary Younge-Guardian writer of ‘controversial topics’. He’s black and it seems whatever topic he talks about from Obama to pink daffodils-the response on the blog is MENTAL!


Lots of racist answers but hey….t’is what we love about this land of pastures green and wide….

“The next evening, in Dagenham’s council chamber, a multiracial team of council workers tallied the votes. The BNP had 12 seats on the council and was hoping this would be their 13th. In the end, a seat vacated by Labour was won by the Tories by a comfortable margin. Nothing strange there. The BNP candidate came third with 25% of the vote in a ward the party had never contested before. Sadly, there seemed to be nothing strange there either.

Terry Justice, the Tory victor, said he looked forward to working with all his fellow councillors. When I asked Margaret Mullane, the Labour candidate, what she made of the size of the BNP vote, she said: “You’ll have to ask the BNP about that really.” Leaving Dagenham civic centre, with the clock nudging closer to midnight, I felt I was heading back to the 30’s.”

Heck…they’ve closed the comments section!! Do you think they drew a picture of a black man hanging from a tree on the comments section???!

More here….




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