8 07 2008

They suffer from severe narcissism. They tend to be more boring then interesting. They are desperate for attention at all costs and they like to live their lives under the microcosm of the media lens.

Yes kids, were talking about ‘C E L E B R I T I E S’.

But alas, like us, they also fall in love too. Swoon.

And they fall out of love too. Say it ain’t so offi-cah!



So our Lily the ‘attention seeking mediocre’ Allen singing talent is back with Ed then? Jeez Ed, you’re some looser. Was it the pictures when she was showing off her vagina-you wanted it back? Or the pictures were she embarrassingly had tipped the paps to take nude pictures of her on a random boat in Cannes-even going as far as to stick her smudgy little tongue out with a grin on her face?

You’re about 20 years in age gap-were you bowled over by her maturity? Yes, that’s it. The way she handled herself this past year got your male juices boiling.

Nice one grandpa loozer!

And then we have Drew ‘mediocre in acting but ALWAYS in love’ Barrymore, who has broken up with Justin Long.

Hmmm. Were they ever going out? It seemed to convenient that they were ALWAYS snapped together especially as we haven’t seen any pictures of her for months and months! My point is-paps may be good but they ain’t god kids. You go were you know they will be their to have your pic taken-be it some hipster NY club that you know all your hipster crowd will be their or some strip in Hollywood.


Now if they were going out-then this is no surprise. Drew is certifiable. I’ve never witnessed a celeb with such a kick to be seen ‘soooo in love’ with her latest paramour. And furthermore, Drew has that unfortunate Hipster attitude. You see Hipsters loathe to make out like they love attention or mainstream affection, it’s just not cool. You have to look like you don’t give a shit-in a dress and in attitude.

So poor Drew feels that she gets that-the whole presence thing…that’s HER! But were Drew fucks up is that she always wants to date the wrong kind of Hipster dude-the one at the end of the spectrum of genuinely NOT GIVING A SHIT about what you think and who he should be. These type are always honestly talented and have only been accepted through the Hipster gang not by their own doing but due to the sheer fact that they actually ‘don’t give a shit’. That thing that Hipster wishes he/she could actually have and be but aren’t.

So there you have it. Another one bites the dust with Drew. He thought he was going out with a refreshingly un-Hollywood, Hollywood starlet-which is false and she thought she was going out with a refreshingly Hipster, Hipster boy about New York.

Shucks eh?




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8 07 2008


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