7 07 2008

So the so called kind woman who allegedly has changed and now believes in saving Malawian orphans, got bored of her charade and decided to fuck up someone elses marriage?

Not very pro-woman eh Madonna? Also, hasn’t she just had a kid that’s 3 month old?


Seeing Madonna spin this tiresome Kabbalah bullshit and pretending that she’s changed and she’s cares has been so boring but predictable for me. I’m just glad her true colors have come out, as damn, a leopard just can’t change it’s attention seeking spots.

Madonna uses sex to gain attention.

Madonna uses sex to make music.

Madonna uses sex to gain infamy.

Madonna uses sex to gain power.

Madonna uses sex to STILL get the popular guy, so she can STILL be the popular girl.

Madonna is 49 years old and the mother of 3 children, when will this FUCKING stop?????????????

So as it seems, Cynthia Rodriguez is PISSED and is going to name Madonna in her divorce papers against Alex Rodriguez. I can’t say I blame her but we’re not stupid and she isn’t either! I mean the guy is a world class Yankee player-he’s been ‘doggin’ on her for as long as she knows BUT like most of these sports stars, they do it on the ‘downlow’, keep it hush and still look after ‘your woman’.



You see Alex fucked up, well, pissed Cynthia off when he did this publicly. She could forget the stripper-I mean, please all men fuck strippers, right? They’re just hot blooded-pure and simple. End Of.

But when Alex mi chico decided to go one step forward and do it with the most infamous(famous) pop singer in the planet who is renowned for using sex to advance in all forms of her career-DAMN, that must HURT your ego….BIG TIME.

You see, sports wives are no different to politicians wives-they know what they are getting into, they understand the game and the men they just to systematically snare and keep.

Only a strong woman can put up with ‘her man’ in the limelight-adulated and with women begging him tp fuck her but when you decided to cross that line and humiliate her publicly…..

The NY Post reports….

C-Rod’s divorce petition will cite a “long period of infidelity on the part of Mr. Rodriguez” and “emotional abandonment,” one of her lawyers, Maurice Kutner, told The Post last night.

Kutner said A-Rod‘s “relationship with Madonna was the latest situation in a series of events” that doomed the marriage.

The lawyer said last year’s Stray-Rod incident with a buxom stripper, and now Madonna, have been traumatic for C-Rod.

“It’s huge, it’s devastating, it’s life-changing,” Kutner said. “It’s caused her tremendous stress, and she’s doing the best she can to deal with it.

“Mrs. Rodriguez feels like she’s been emotionally abandoned by Alex. That’s the driving force behind her decision.”

C-Rod’s legal team is being rounded out by lawyers Earle Lilly and John Van Ness of Houston and Anthony Sabatino, who, like Kutner, is from Miami.

Lilly has experience taking on Yankees. He helped Hall of Fame outfielder Dave Winfield’s baby mama win a $1.6 million judgment in a common-law marriage lawsuit against him. Cynthia bolted to the side of rocker pal Lenny Kravitz in Paris – with A-Rod‘s knowledge – after the reports about her hubby and Madonna surfaced, a family confidant said.

“I brought her [to Europe] to get her out of [the United States] because she was going to have a nervous breakdown,” said A-Rod‘s former trainer, Dodd Romero, who is also godfather to the couple’s children.


Bring it on.

And BRING down that smug hypocritical bitch Madonna while you’re at it!


But Madonna always the calculated and loathsome to publicly loosing, is denying her and dur brain Ritchie are even splitting up!




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