7 07 2008

“Eton-educated Mann confessed to taking part in the botched coup attempt but claimed that the London-based Lebanese tycoon, Eli Calil, had planned the operation to secure a share of the country’s vast oil wealth.”

O deez Africans.

Sometimes you can get away wid taking da piss.

And sometimes….you CAN’T….MAN!

The plot came to light when Mann was arrested at Zimbabwe’s Harare airport, en-route to Equatorial Guinea, with a plane load of weapons and 70 mercenaries.

He was jailed for four years in Zimbabwe, before he was extradited to Equatorial Guinea earlier this year.

He told the court in Malabo that South Africa and Spain had given the “green light” to the plot to topple Obiang and install a new president – a charge both countries deny.

Observers say the trial was carefully orchestrated by the government of Equatorial Guinea to portray the country as a victim of an international conspiracy.

Several citizens of the tiny West African state – the third largest oil producer in sub-Saharan Africa – were jailed alongside Mann for their part in the plot.

The plot became known as the “wonga coup” after Mann reportedly called for his fellow plotters to send “wonga” to free him from jail in Zimbabwe.

There’s speculation that a deal may be done behind the scenes which will see Mann released after serving just a fraction of his sentence, in Equatorial Guinea’s notorious Black Beach jail.”


You just can’t trust dem blackies can yar?

I taught we were mates yeah?

In Other News:

Mann is as tough as old boots. Those olde white English/Western men have the strength of arrogant tigers and the stoic nature of their grand parents.

It’s just like boarding at Eton; trust. (Without the buggering!)




One response

8 07 2008

There is plenty hope now – better people, other people with more money and brain – even governments – will go after the geatest S.O.B. + M.F. Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo and if there is time as well after Mugabe…

The bad news is there are plenty people in Africa – the good is that they are killing themselves – AIDS , greediness between them and just PLAIN stupiditis will
eradicate them, in a large scale or one by one !

There is PLENY HOPE ! REALITY proofs US !

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