“Zimbabwe will remain a full member of the International Cricket Council” and the World turns…

4 07 2008

Oh this is the BEST news! I’m soo happy that Zimbabwe are STILL part of the International Cricket Council! People take life too seriously for fucks sake! You think I’m exaggerating? Take this 5 year old or so kid-but between you and me he looks 3! LOL! But yeah, right, he’s all bloodied with a botched up eye and this ‘oh, pity me’ expression on his face cause Mugabe’s henchmen like beat him up! Whhaaaaaat! I’m sure, no, I KNOW it was an accident! They were probably on their way to catch Eastenders or Corrie on TV!

GoDDD! This has NOTHING to do with the cricket! Mugabe is just killing the niggers in his country and like, told all those old white people-who were like really old, lol, to leave! I mean I would do to! Again, this has NOTHING to do with the cricket!

Why the hell should I not enjoy a pivotal, vital, crucial and of life threatening importance like Cricket? Cause a few niggers in that country in Africa are getting upset and shit? Y’know?

Me enjoying Cricket is a hell lot more important than some stupid people being killed-who I reckon by the way are probably just tripping over themselves to catch Hollyoaks on T4, lol!


Zimabwe don’t need our help, they’re all darkies and funny looking. But before you think I’m not interested in World news or countries being invaded for the good of mankind-I was pro Iraq and still am! Now THAT was a country that deserved our help and to be invaded for sure.

It’s mad innit that we both put Mugabe AND Saddam in power! Heh! It makes be giggle that does, what are we like??? Do Iraq play Cricket? Should we try and get them too? Lazy buggers-get your own military!

Oh, and before I sign off, here’s a link to that cry baby 5 year old with a bodged up face and crying like a 5 year old in his mothers arms! How embarrassing, I HATE crying in public, lol!

Baby don’t cry.




2 responses

7 07 2008

What is the ICC thinking? Oh that’s right, they are not!

That decision makes no sense.

12 12 2009

You are an ignorant pom who wouldn’t know to get up in the morning if the TV didn’t tell you to. Go outside and realise that the world exists regardless of what fantasy you have concocted in your twisted little mind.
I hope all the evil in the world that makes you so jolly builds and festers until finally spilling over into England to fuck buckingham palace in the skull.

You should be ashamed of your words you stupid racist asshole.

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