4 07 2008

If choice be, I could write a few more depressing news bits this shiney sunney whiney morning in Britain this Friday but I daren’t be so cruel me laddies!

Crappy Wacky Shitey No Singer but Hot Pants Kylie Minogue has got an OBE! For services to Britain! Hurahh!! Hurrah Kylie! Don’t let it be known that you’ve NOT written any of your shit songs OR produced them OR had a stylist/cheogrpaher/image changer ALL the time! I want to be famous and my egotistical and ruthless self will do ANYTHING to get your attention!

Now give me my well deserved OBE! Fuck that Nurse who does a 20 hours shift down at the dawdy hospital in Bethnal Green!

Now isn’t that just all fine and dandy folks?

Kylie says:

“I feel deeply touched to be acknowledged by the UK, my adopted home, in this way.”

Uh huh.

Via Mr PAP




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