26 06 2008

Noooooooooooooot!!!! As our American cou-zins like to say!!

Here’s a poem I personally penned to the people and city of New York:

O blessed be thy New York!

Place of such wonderment and surreal beauty,

Filled with inhabitants whom shit don’t stink,

How do thee survive under such strenous times with SUCH vast cultural heir achy?

Right, London is BAAAD but not as so fucking self important as New York!

I’m not sure who/what is more full of SHIT, the Guradian writer or the fact that New Yorkeans have accepted African food?!

Read this

“When introducing an obscure, exotic cuisine, traditional seasonings and textures, it is generally felt that flavours have to be tweaked to recognisable taste paradigms so they can be understood and accepted. The more adventurous may then be tempted to try the real McCoy. This is not unlike the practice of fashion designers who, inspired by the dress of an ethnic minority incorporate symbols into contemporary clothing without suggesting that women wear literal – authentic – folk costumes. Gradually, the eye adjusts; so does the palate.”

I know….

I know…

I know…..

So what’s the deal with this pretentious load of crap then I hear you cry my arc angels? Well, it’s a piece about the authenticity of African cuisine in restaurants written in the Guardian by Mimi Sheraton.

Oh, Mimi, can we hang out sometime for some mimosas????

What could have been interesting piece as to why African cuisine has never favored so highly in the international ever so important food market, was instead a sycophantic piece with it’s arse so far up the New York city itself, you can visibly see the shit stains within the paragraphs if you squint your eyes!

I mean, are we supposed to THANK the New York intelligencia for being so open minded as to sample African food-only after it’s been brought to you by a reputed chef (which isn’t that open minded actually) OR because Mimi is ‘conscience‘?

“All of which is why Marcus Samuelsson may well go down in gastronomic history as the father of the new African cuisine in America.”





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