26 06 2008

Oh god. What a load of tosh. This has to be the biggest networking event in history! With thick aroma of self congratulating resonating the Hyde Park soiree, as guests nibbled on a superb Gordon Ramsey, yes he!, dinner the world watched in silence, yes silence!, as da starz came out in droves from their busy and hugely important schedules to have their picture taken and gossip at that old black man who was in prison or summit?

But lock up your thugs and burgeoning gangsters, it’s The Sugarbabes! Do you think Amelle in the middle brought her machete wielding fiancee? Do you? Think?

These starz are the kind of people who selflessly promote anti-racism or human right violations… wait…erm, are any speaking out against Zimbabwe? Oh, my bad, it’s not hip yet…right?

Ok sorry, back to this thrilling dinner. They may NOT be the kind of people to speak against human right violations OR pursue a charity that was not of selfish interests BUT they do care right? I mean they turned up to Nelson Mandela’s dinner right?

Who went I hear you cry!!??


*Uma Thurman and her “investment banker” partner Arpad Busson; sigh, a Buddhist intellectuals daughter and a business man of ill repute, match made in heaven!

*Naomi Campbell and her Brazillian Russian “businessman” partner Marcus Elias Vladislav Doronin; his ‘on the edge’ demeanor and her glazed eyes dazzled photographers and attendees alike.

* Our favorite Sciencetologists Will Smith & Jada Pinkett

*Serial womaniser Denzel Washington & long suffering wife Pauletta…

*Egosit and Cultural tyrant Oparah Winfrey and Excessive Diva & star sycophant Elton John

*Secretly Gay unpleasant racing car driver Lewis Hamilton & seasoned working girl and beard Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls….

and much, much more folks!!

Leona Lewis looks ever so dullllllllllllllllllll and frightened. Cheer up love, it did happen!

Hmmm, Welsh overrated songtress Katherine Jenkins. Now isn’t she part of the BNP?? I guess Nelson may be black but he don’t wanna live here…so…..that’s okay…I guess…yeah?

Save the BEST till last! St Bob ‘of primrose hill’ Geldof, donde esta Peaches y Pixie Geldof!! Oh Nelson is gonna soo pissed dat Peaches ain’t turned up BIG TIME aiii-ight.

A riot right? It’s a good think Mandela is off his nut on all sort of shit that probably keeps him alive! Bill Clinton was dare man but he didn’t bring Ron Burkle….? Or that Italian guy……..Rafaello Follieri who used to date dodgy Anne Hathaway! But why maaan?

Who are you Bill? A humanitarian? A politician? A Sleaze? A corrupt….

News via DailyMail….




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26 06 2008

Oh poor Mr Mandela!!

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