26 06 2008

Oh people it looks like the nosey and pedantic detectives over @ Gawker are playing with the rumour that our sweet little friend Burkle, best buddy of our fave ex politician Bill Clinton, set up Rafaello Follieri; famed ex of suspect actress Anne Hathaway and infamous fraud-star of the NY elite!

You think???

“The fact that there’s now a federal charge against Follieri would seem to indicate Burkle was not as forgiving as he might have seemed; it’s hard to imagine the feds moving forward with a case without the cooperation of the managing partner of the key victim. That makes Burkle’s face time with Follieri all the more suspicious.

If Burkle is setting up Follieri, the Italian businessman’s attorneys are likely to highlight everything potential embarrassing about Burkle at trial, e.g. his penchant for hanging out with teenaged girls, and anything potentially embarrassing about his relationship with Bill Clinton, whose wife is a sensitive point in her political career. But Burkle seems to like him some revenge, and airing old laundry is, perhaps, a small price to pay, in his eyes.”

News via Gawker folks…

It’s a dirty morning in NY city….




One response

15 06 2009

Burkle’s a piece of work. Among other things, he adopted his teenage daughter’s son, Andrew, because he felt that it would reflect negatively on him if it became known his daughter had a child out of wedlock and at age 15. I hope all that bastards dirty little secrets come to the fore.

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