FUCK ZIMBABWE: Morgan Tsvangirai QUITS!!

22 06 2008


“At a news conference, Tsvangirai, who leads the opposition Movement for Democratic Change, said he was unwilling to ask the party’s supporters to go the polls on Friday “when that vote will cost them their lives.”

Tsvangirai’s decision came on a day when governing party youth militia armed with iron bars, sticks and other weapons beat his supporters as they sought to attend a rally for him in the capital, Harare.

It was the latest incident in a tumultuous campaign season in which Tsvangirai has been repeatedly detained, his party’s chief strategist has been jailed on treason charges that most analysts say are trumped up, and rampant state-sponsored violence has killed at least 86 people and left thousands injured, according to tallies by doctors treating the victims.Fuck.”

He did try.

The UK allegedly ain’t too happy but does Milliband really care?

“Mr Miliband told Sky News he would be pushing for the issue to be discussed on Monday the United Nations.

“I think that is important. It’s also important that African leaders continue to make clear that a government which violates the constitution in Zimbabwe… cannot be held as the legitimate representative of the Zimbabwean people,” he said.”

You know, if only they had oil. If only. Then-the US and the UK would actually go in and try and ‘save’ the people. ‘Free’ them like they did, the people of Iraq.

Hands up if you think the world sucks?

News via The Herald & Sky



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